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Experiential Learning, the Best Kind

Learning from a book is fine but hands on experience is preferred. This is the goal of of Experiential Learning. The curriculum is based on the students learning by hands on experiences. If it is accompanied by book learning, that is fine as long as the students are actively participating.

Experiential learning is not a new concept, but a concept that is tried and true. It is equivalent to “no schooling,” not in the sense of doing nothing, but following no state initiated learning program, manufactured by people who know little about education. These people are appointed officials only interested in collecting a salary.

Overflow: A Vital Consideration in Secondary Containment Measures

The necessity of housing toxic materials, via secondary containment measures, means acceding to the possibility of overflow.

Secondary containment devices must be larger than the original containment vessel. Generally, secondary containment units should be able to accommodate about one hundred and fifty percent of the volume of the primary vessel, while ten percent of the total of multiple containers is deemed acceptable.

Any systems available to rainfall must be able to accommodate up to 4.5 inches of accumulated rainwater, while secondary containment systems open to the potential onslaught of fire sprinklers must be able to bear such onslaught for no less than twenty minutes. More info: secondary containment

Making money from dental gold

Did you know that you can make money from dental gold? Dental scraps can value in a very large amount because they are made with something called dental gold. This is an alloy that is found in most dentist scraps. If you have dental scraps that consist of dental gold, you may want to consider cashing in. You can look for companies that buy dental gold online. All you have to do is type it in any search engine and click search. You will be able to get an estimate on how much your dental gold is worth. Turn scraps into cash with little or no effort at all. More info: dental gold

A Dirty Office Leaves Customers With Bad Impressions

First impressions make lasting impressions and if your office is not looking clean, it may leave an impression that makes customers go elsewhere to do their business. A dirty office makes customers think that the business does not know how to handle business. A professional team of cleaners will help you to keep your business looking neat and clean from top to bottom, inside and out. No job is too big or too small. Scheduled cleaning can be arranged for a one time cleaning, or scheduled for a routine weekly clean. Call today for an appointment to have your office cleaned and make the lasting impression that keeps customers returning. More info: office cleaning NYC