Best Largemouth Bass Lure

If there is one largemouth bass lure you need to have in your tackle box, it is the all time #1 go-to largemouth bass bait. The humble plastic worm is that lure.

More largemouth bass fishing tournaments have been won with a worm than all the other lures combined. There are as many sizes, colors and shapes as there are colors in nature.

Worms can be rigged any number of ways: the classic Texas rig for slow and steady bottom presentation, a Carolina rig for bass suspended over deep cover, the new Alabama rig, the unique spread allows for multiple hook ups, and the wacky rig, hooking the worm sideways for a presentation that drives bass wild.

Worms may be used with and without a weight, depending on the angler’s preference. Worms are, when rigged properly, virtually weed-less and can fished across dense, thick cover without fear of snagging vegetation and structures.

When used in tandem with other baits, a worm is an excellent follow-up lure. Tournament anglers needing to cover lots of water will fish a fast moving bait such as a spinner-bait initially. If they happen to miss a fish, anglers immediately follow up with a worm for a slow, steady presentation to catch that same fish.

There is no need to break the bank buying worms. Start with a few different colors and only one or two lengths. As you continue to fish and perfect your worm technique, you can add additional worms of various sizes and colors to your tackle arsenal.
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