A Career As A Court Reporter

Court reporters record legal proceedings and other engagements to create transcripts. These professionals use a stenotype machine, steno mask or a digital recording to type spoken words and gestures, then create written copy using a computer for legal documentation, filing and distribution to all parties involved. To start a career in as a court reporter, many attend a court reporting school to prepare for the state licensing exam. Education from a court reporting school can take six months for a certificate or diploma, and up to four years for a degree. Those who obtain training and certification using all types of court reporting equipment should see the best employment opportunities. More info: court reporting schools New York

Court Reporting Schools in New York

Court Reporting is still a lucrative field for people looking for a well paying job. Every state, city, and town has court houses so the need is present no matter where you live.

If you live in the New York area then you are in luck. There are many fine court reporting schools in New York. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau for any listed complaints or violations against the schools you are considering. Ask the court reporting schools in New York for some references that you can check too. You would need to know how well their placement department is so you have no issues with getting your first job in a court. More info: court reporting schools New York