Choose Lasik Tampa

According to a recent survey of Lasik Tampa surgeons, the average cost for LASIK eye surgery in early was $2,150 per eye. This figure was generated from an average of all laser vision correction procedures offered by Lasik Tampa which included standard LASIK procedures and other surgeries.

Factors affecting the cost of operation include:

  • Types of surgical instruments used, as well as the type of laser technology required
  • Any pre-op and post-op examinations and fees
  • Coverage for any post-op medications
  • Demographics
  • Any follow-up treatments which maybe required
  • Skill, reputation and years of experience of your Lasik Tampa refractive surgeon

The outcomes for corrective therapy with standard LASIK are very good; however, it carries a risk for complications such as nighttime glare, flap and other vision problems. The higher-priced option of wavefront-guided LASIK provides better visual outcomes with fewer complications than standard LASIK. Howe More info: lasik tampa

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