Choosing The Right Stoke Care

When a family member suffers a stroke, it can be devastating. First, the person who has had a stroke may not be able to express himself effectively, which can be frustrating to both the patient, and his family. Caring for a stroke patient can also be hard on a family. Decisions will need to be made regarding where the stroke victim will live, who he will live with or if he will be placed in a home.

Strokes most often occur in elderly individuals, but can happen to anyone at any time. The initial event is an emergency, and is a very stressful time for the patient as well as his family. Once the patient has been stabilized in the hospital, the question about aftercare will arise.

Caring for a stroke patient at home can be a full-time job. Many of these patients will need intensive therapy to regain control of bodily functions they have lost. The most severe patients will not be able to feed themselves, talk, walk or carry out any of their activities of daily living as they did prior to the event.

Placing a stroke patient in a nursing home may be the only viable option. In order to get the best care for your loved one, choose a home that specializes in caring for stroke victims. Some hospitals have units solely dedicated to caring for these individuals, called extended care facilities. These units make it very easy for the patient to get the care he needs during the acute phase following the stroke.
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