Flood Damage: What To Know

Water damage is one of the most common problems that insurance companies work with. Waking up to a flood in your basement or yard can be a big surprise, especially if there is damage. If you currently have a mess on your hands, there are few things that you should probably know about before doing anything:

Know your Policy

Check your insurance policy, and see if they cover flood damage. While the policy may state that they cover water damage, it may not be for a natural flood. If you ever have questions, it doesn’t hurt to call up your insurance agent and ask questions. In the end, it will really come down to how the damage started. A broken pipe in your home may be covered while a natural flood may not.

Start Cleaning

It may take a day or so for the professionals to come. Instead of patiently waiting and doing nothing, it’s best to start cleaning up the mess right away. Failing to clean up the mess will not only create mold but health problems. Soak up the water with mops, run a humidifi More info: Flood Damage Long Island

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