Loft Atlanta

The latest downtown trend is the renovation of old buildings and abandon buildings and turning them into the beautiful lofts. Urban contemporary living with the convenience of living downtown. Creating the loft for living renovations were inspired to bring back the city’s family style living and encourage the youth to stay as well as the single people to stay in the city and curtail suburban flight.

Choosing A Loft
There are those who may not want a condominium because of the location away from the city or a studio apartment, or choose to rent a house or relocate from the city into the suburbs. What is left? A beautiful, spacious loft with all the amenities that one could want. The demand for lofts has grown in recent times with many people choosing to come back to the city. The problem was finding affordable housing for oneself or for the family to live in that was close to work, school, markets, restaurants and other places. Redevelopers wanted to redevelop the downtown area for the local residents in hopes of them staying in the city.

Loft Amenities
Lofts can range in price from $80,000-1 million dollars and many come with private parking, workout facility, walk-in closets, private entrance, garage, private balcony, patio, private security and other conveniences.

Finding A Loft
There are many online realtor sites available to assist with finding a loft. There are also loft clubs that cater to those who only want to buy or sell a loft also contacting local realtors. One can find the perfect loft.
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