Renovating Your Bathroom And Kitchen At Colonial Marble And Granite

If you have decided to renovate your kitchen and bathroom, one of your first stops should be at Colonial Marble and Granite. One of the biggest and best granite and marble dealers in the country, Colonial Marble and Granite has a huge selection of stunning marble and granite that is perfect for any bathroom or kitchen, no matter what the owner’s taste.

Start out your shopping spree at Colonial Marble and Granite by looking at a wide variety of slabs of marble and granite, and at a variety of prices. You’ll find marble and granite from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Bulgaria — so many countries quarry marble and granite, and Colonial Marble and Granite has it from just about anywhere that does.

Choose granite or marble that fits with the style of your room. Don’t choose something that would fit in a traditional kitchen if yours is simple and modern. Don’t have a new marble bathroom counter top installed in a simple modern style if your bathroom is more suited to flowers and frills. Marble and granite have to be matched, just like fabric, curtains or carpet does, so do be careful when choosing yours.

Don’t forget to ask for samples for any marble or granite patterns you are interested in looking at further. You can take them home and place them next to existing cupboards, carpets and wallpaper to see if that marble, which looked gorgeous in the store, will actually work for your bathroom or not.

Finally, remember to have everything professionally measured before you place an order. Marble and granite need to be precisely cut, or you really will end up wasting thousands of dollars when they simply don’t fit.

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