Selecting A Foam Board Cutter

Foam boards are a popular substance used in many art projects around the world.  The substance is popular as it is affordable to purchase, easy to use, and it is not difficult to cut or shape into the necessary size.  But what is the best foam board cutter available on the market?  To a large extent the answer to that question depends on the type of foam board that you are using, as well as the frequency that you are completing art projects using foam boards.

If you are using a foam board in a one-time project, you can get away with using a box cutter, or even a knife or scissor to assist you with cutting.  However, if your foam board is thicker than the normal foam board size, or if you are going to be cutting more than the typical number of foam boards, you should explore other options.

There are a variety of different foam boards on the market that can be used in accordance with cutting foam boards.  There are many different shapes and sizes, and you should find one that most fits with what you are most comfortable. Many of the foam board cutters on the market are shaped like guillotines, while others are attached to a vise that holds the foam board in place while you are cutting it.  This is particularly useful for larger projects that require additional care while they are being created. 

Therefore, when selecting a foam board cutter, pay attention to the type of foam board you are cutting, how frequently you are using it, and which model shape you feel most comfortable with.  Foam board is easy to cut, which is one of its great advantages, so virtually any cutter will do.

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