Silicone Sealant

Silicone sealant is a powerful, flexible product that can be used in many ways. Silicone sealants come in a wide range for industries including automotive, building and plumbing contractors, construction, electronics, optical and medical field, appliances, power industry and for at home use. It can come in a variety of formats and can be clear or white in color, some can be colored to match certain jobs.

Silicone sealant can withstand extremes in temperature, both hot and cold. It has a low toxicity and does not react with other chemicals. It is a flexible sealant that will not crack or shrink and can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be used on an aquarium to stop a leak. It is also used to combat moulds and mildew.

Marine grade high quality silicone sealant forms a seal that remains flexible even after years of exposure. It bonds to fiberglass, glass, rubber, wood and vinyl. It can be used on port holes and cabins, or fiberglass boats.

The automotive industry uses silicone sealant for sea

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