Transcribing Sheet Music To Tablature

Unless you have perfect pitch or read musical notation, you learn a song on guitar looking at tablature. Tablature or tabs is system of reading music.

A guitar has six strings. Each string of the guitar is listed on the tab. A number on the string represents the fret.

The frets divide the string into the separate notes on the guitar. The number on the fret represents the appropriate place for the guitarist to place a finger. The finger placement on the frets duplicate the song on the guitar.

Transcribing a song from a piece of sheet music to a tab sheet is not difficult. Someone familiar with musical notation simply writes the appropriate numbers on each tab line. Transcribing from a song without the musical notation requires more than the tab sheet.

Going from the music without the benefit of the musical notation means the transcriber must understand how to play the guitar and have an ear for music.

Having an ear for music means the person can hear a note or chord and correctly play the More info: sheet music to guitar tab

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