Use Lighting To Enhance Your Landscape

Property owners who pride themselves on keeping their lawns neat and tidy and showcasing their sense of botanical taste with skillfully arranged landscaping can highlight their hard work even after the sun goes down. Many home and business owners are adding strategically placed landscape lighting san antonio to their designs to provide night time beauty, safety and functionality to their outdoor spaces.

One main reason to install landscape lighting is to show off your plants at night. A floodlight at the base of a towering tree can make for a dramatic centerpiece to your lawn at night. Spotlights can also add character to your evening landscape by brightening up statues and other outdoor art. Colored landscape lighting on ornamental shrubs or flower beds can also make a vibrant statement or match a holiday theme.

Another compelling reason to use landscape lighting is the improved safety of a well-lit area. Even simple lighting solutions, such as line of small solar lights to illuminate a garden path ca

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