Uses For Natural Travertine Stone

Many homeowners choose to have tile installed inside their homes. Tile can be used to cover floor surfaces or placed on walls covered with plaster. Tiles are made of different materials including those created from natural stone. Among the stone products available for tiles will be items referred to as travertine. The tiles made of travertine San Diego residents can choose to install will come in sizes to fit wall areas as well as floors. The floor tiles are usually larger in size than those created for use on walls. Most floor tiles measure twelve inches square.

The natural stone tiles can be cut to fit along edges and in corners. To cut the tile to size, accurate measurements need to be taken of the area where it needs to be placed in. This can be done by placing the whole tile over the area with the surface side facing down. The back side can be marked using a pen or marker. A proper stone cutting knife is required to make a clean cut along the marked line. A power saw can also be used to cut this natural stone. Travertine is available in a few assorted colors, which allow people to select shades to match the décor used in their homes.

Because travertine is a stone product it can also be used to create outside areas. This stone is often used to make outdoor patios, walkways and drives. It can also be made in a larger brick shape to use as a border along existing driveways or flower beds. More info: Travertine San Diego

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